Science and Technology Innovation

       Our group has developed a lot of works and got great achievements on using DME as household fuel and motor vehicles fuel application for many years. The group co-develops the first lot DME special Gas Cooker with VATTI company-one China domestic famous gas cooker factory. It was given good reputation after many years using by many units and users. The group undertakes the project “DME City Gas Source Reserve and Application Demonstration” in sub-project “City Gas System High Efficiency Operation and Energy Saving Key Technology” of the major project “City Infrastructure Construction and High Efficiency Operation Key Technology Research” during 11th Five-Year Plan, it got through inspection and acceptance by Construction Energy Saving and Technology Department of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in March, 2011. The group co-undertakes the sub-project DME automobile and research application in Clean Vehicle Action assigned by Ministry of National Science and Technology with Xi’an Communication University, Shanghai Communication University and Jilin University etc. and got through inspection and acceptance by Ministry of National Science and Technology. The DME engine co-developed by our group with Weichai Power and Shandong University has got through National V Emission Standard Inspection.

       As vice president company unit of China National Alcohol Ether Fuel and Alcohol Ether Clean Vehicle Professional Committee, our group has done a lot of tests on DME application and got many valuable experience and fruitful achievements and also got social recognize and acceptance. Our group has got 9 Patent Technology during past 10 years. Among them, the patent technology “Liquid phase method complex acid dehydrated catalysis to produce DME” has been awarded Special Gold Medal in China International Patent and Top Brand Expo. Meanwhile, the group also undertakes to make many National Standards of DME and relevant projects’ study, enhance the Alcohol and Ether industry develop healthy and orderly. Such as DME Chemical Industrial Standard, City Gas DME Industrial Standard, Vehicle DME and Fuel DME National Standard have been promulgated. DME Clean Fuel Vehicle Demonstration Application Research Project has passed through inspection and acceptance by Ministry of National Science and Technology. Rubber Sealing Material used for DME Industrial Standard now is under applying for approval, The National Standard of LPG and DME mixed Gas, Industrial standard of LPG and DME mixed Gas Steel Cylinder and National Standard of DME Unit Product Consumption Limit and DME Clean Energy Vehicle Demonstration and Promotion Works are ongoing.


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